Art Workshops


When I'm not in my art studio or wandering around art galleries in central London, I work at Brunel Lecturing in Design and during the summer months work at Cambridge University at Peterhouse teaching art and curation.

I provide professional corporate, private and group art classes across various mediums like drawing, painting, Indian ink, collage, and illustration. Taking on art themes such as blackout poetry, self-identity, abstract expressionism with music, watercolours, gilding, hand clay work, paint marbling and acrylic painting.

I offer a range of different art classes for all types of ages and abilities, I believe that everyone can take part and enjoy art for a simple timeout, escapism from the every day and for wellness mindfulness and well-being.

You are in expert hands as I hold a BA in Fashion Design and an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and will guide, encourage and help you on your art journey.

'A lot of adults enjoy reconnecting with art from their school days and taking part and giving it a go is all that's required to bring back those fond memories of creativity from their childhood'

Benefits of holding an art class for your company or group workshop

Enjoyment and stress reduction
Art can be very relaxing, especially when there is no pressure on the end results.

Many people find art therapeutic
A way to clear their mind of worries that they may have. Collage for example is about cutting and creating shapes so focuses much less on ability than painting, so participants find this more fun.

Stimulates creativity
As well as being creative with your artwork, having a creative hobby stimulates the parts of your brain that stimulate creativity, so it can help you to be more creative with other aspects of your life too. It could inspire you to be more creative with your writing or help you to have more creative ideas in other areas.

Enhances fine motor skills
Painting and drawing also help to enhance fine motor skills, as well as improve hand-eye coordination. It is also good for developing problem-solving skills.

Boosts self-esteem
Even if you are not particularly talented at art, you should get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a piece, which can boost your self-esteem. As you start to improve, you will also get a greater sense of achievement from your artwork.

Helps to make you more observant
The more you paint or draw and practice an art form the more you will start to concentrate on fine detail and pay more attention to your environment. Drawing and painting can help you to become more observant about the world around you. Meet more people

Having fun
Art is not always about getting to the end result, connecting with fellow colleagues in a friendly creative environment can boost bonding and encourage community togetherness.

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Drop me an email if you want to organise a group art activity that encourages, teamwork, fun and creativity while learning a new artistic skills to encourage wellbeing and mindfulness.