Baptism: My Act and Ritual Elements of Water


Water is about change, in so many cultures it’s a symbol of change.


My latest experimental fine art series Baptism is inspired by my history, who I am, where I’m from and where I’m going. I’m inspired by creative ways that fuse my own reality with my unknown experiences. I’m inspired by old and new stories which create new narratives that make black art universal. 

Memories from my own baptism will play a part in this process.
and full immersion.

It’s the transformation, the sacrament of initiation that is important, not just the act. The act means nothing without the change, its a symbol of change rather than a physical one, a change non the less.


Identity what that means to me? I'm exploring who I am, and who am I to others, how do I see myself and how do others see me? What do these labels really mean? The labels we give ourselves and the ones that others give to us, based on what they see, skins colour, gender, and also the ones they ask and try to figure out to try and better understand mainly based on our roles and our social dynamic as we interact with others, husband, son, gay, black, educator, Seychellois, artist etc.

The folding allows an unknown destination of exploration with paper, the fold is simply about being lost in the process, a fold cannot be repeated as the mind enters a state of not looking, but feeling and finding.

A selection of artworks from the series.

a black and white photo of fine art artist Christian Azolan floating in water


a black and white photo of fine art artist Christian Azolan in a white robe
a black and white photo of fine art artist christian azolan with hands covering his face