Art Commissions

Have you ever thought about getting art commissioned for your home?

I love to work with clients and collectors who want art created specifically for their home or as a gift for a loved one.

I want to take this opportunity to share my creative process and how I go about creating art commissions for my clients.

Client Case Study: Gemma / The Queen of Hearts and the Joker.

I always start my commissions by having a preliminary conversation to get to know the client, So I started talking to Gemma about what artists or artworks she already had in her home. It's important to establish their vision for what I can create that will complement the existing layout and space.

We talked about the colours, the furniture and the style of the room, before moving on to discuss the size of the artworks. In this case she wanted two large artworks that reflected her and her partners personality, plus she loved playing cards and wanted the colours to match the details of her new kitchen, so red and blue tones where essential.

After the conversation I did some initial research on playing cards, I love to find out the history and meaning behind things. I researched the Queen of Hearts, colours, tones and colour pallets, including the background whilst taking into consideration the scale and proportions of the artworks for her space.

Initial mock-up sketch of The Queen of Hearts.
I created an initial mock-up digital sketch, this is so Gemma had a visual of where taking the idea. The initial mock-up is a great visual prop so she can see the artwork come to life and have a good grasp of what the final artwork will feel like.


After getting the initial mock-up approved by Gemma, I then went ahead and started illustrating the final artwork. Here is a quick video of the different stages of development. As the artwork size was going to be printed at A1 (33.1 x 23.4 in / 84.1 x 59.4 cm) it needed a lot of complex and highly detailed work.

The Queen of Hearts artwork contains over 27,000+ polygons and took a total of 50+ hours to complete. Each polygon was individually drawn and colour matched to its neighbouring polygon.

Once completed, I worked with Gemma to select the best Giclée archival paper options, and colour matched to the papers print profile reflecting the qualities and texture of the paper. 

'The Queen of Hearts was matched to the Giclée Fine Art Bamboo paper which has a lifespan of over 200+ year and as it's made from bamboo this makes it environmentally friendly and a sustainable paper option.' 

After the final artwork was approved by Gemma, I then sent the digital files to my master printers in London where the artworks were printed, quality checked, packed and delivered to Gemma's home.

All my artworks get delivered with a certificate of authenticity, my signature, edition number and a security hologram.

After the artwork was delivered, we had a good discussion about the best framing options, colours, style and if a mount was needed. (I also created 'The Joker' print for her which you can see below).

Gemma decided to get the artworks framed locally and professionally installed. She also added a sofa underneath the artworks to make it a hangout destination in her home. 

And here they both are, looking fabulously proud next to each other...


‘Commissioning Christian to create two unique artworks for my home was a great experience, not only did he keep me updated as the artworks developed  but he made the process fun and enjoyable’  Gemma Hitchcock

Here are a selection of other artworks I have been commissioned, due to the personal nature of commissions I can only show a limited selection of artworks on my website. 

I'm now open for commissions, so if you need more information about getting a unique piece of artwork, get in-touch and let's have a chat.

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